"Heartache And Trouble" Drops For Fast Track

NASHVILLE, TN - Engelhardt Music Group is announcing the release of a new single from traditional bluegrass music's favorite all-star collaboration of the past few years, Fast Track. This marks the second single from the band's forthcoming third project with the Engelhardt Music Group label. 

"Heartache And Trouble" once again shows us that this group of experienced grassers leaves nothing on the table when they choose their material, step into the recording studio, or take the stage for their fans. An original tune, written by Gerald Evans, Duane Sparks' soulful lead vocal tell this story with purpose and conviction, complete with the signature tight harmonies and superb instrumental prowess we have all come to expect from Fast Track. 

The fast-moving tune follows the journey of a young man growing up who knows nothing but "Heartache And Trouble" all his life, fitting one of the many standard bluegrass music themes to a tea. Produced by Glen Duncan & Adam Engelhardt, we get the same stellar sound, arrangement and ear-pleasing quality that the previous Fast Track recordings have provided. 

The Fast Track members are: Dale Perry (banjo, bass vocals), Steve Day (fiddle, vocals), Ron Spears (bass, vocals), Duane Sparks (guitar, vocals), and Shayne Bartley (mandolin, vocals). 

Radio programmers can download "Heartache And Trouble" on Airplay Direct, and it's available worldwide from all the popular online distributors. Be sure to stay on the Fast Track online and on social media for all updated band tour dates and music news.